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   Male VS Female

Falsehoods and Truths within the Weimaraner Breed


  Males Vs. Females - Same breed, different characteristics.

A big question that comes about frequently when people are looking for a new member of the household is: Which sex will the puppy be? Weimaraners do not necessarily follow the "typical" dog descriptions of the difference of the sexes. While all dogs have their own personalities, there are real differences between boys and girls. We ask that you please read the comparison with an "open" mind


  Females : Truths

  Females can be more independent and self sufficient than males.

  Females are tough; they are more willing to ignore bad weather, injury, etc. in pursuit of game.

  Females are more territorial and protective, and are more vocal towards strangers.

  While females can be affectionate, they are more likely to be owner possessive.

  In homes with male dogs and female dogs, the female is always dominant.

  Potty training is more likely to become a test of wills or an instrument of spite for a female.

  Females mature at a younger age and are ready to focus on obedience or other types of training sooner than males.

  Females can be more personal and sly about their aggravation, such as chewing shoes, your bed pillow, your toothbrush and then hiding them.


  Falsehoods: Females

  Females make better pets for kids.

  Females are calmer and less destructive.

  Females are easier to train.


  Males : Truths

  Males are very affectionate and loyal.

  Males are bigger "babies" than females. They are more sensitive emotionally and more apt to complain about physical discomfort.

  Males are more vocal concerning meal time, exercise time, and homecoming. While they can be stubborn, they are somewhat more eager to please.

  Males housetrain fairly quickly and are less likely to make potty training a tool for manipulation.

  Males will let you know they are unhappy openly.  Some examples are tearing up the sofa, destroying the phone book, walking by with your favorite plant in his mouth, etc.

  Neutered males take a long time to mature (if ever).  They can be very goofy and fun, but they can also take a little more persistence for advanced training.


Males : Falsehoods

  Males are aggressive and nasty.

  Males are more protective and territorial than females.

  Males mark (pee) on everything.


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